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STOP Payza






Who rules the World?

The World should be ruled by the one who lives on Earth, if by the term “World” we mean Earth.

So what is actually happening?

In fact, the Element rules the World, the one we call “Natural phenomena”, that some try to take under control, which works to a very small extent and this control does not always aim at good.

It is widely accepted that the World should be ruled by humans – this is partly true.

Humans rule the World only in the part they take the responsibility for.

In the part of humans’ responsibility a lot of useful as well as harmful things were thought out.

An authority is temporarily hired employees.

And what is really going on?

In fact, usually not pure-minded swindlers play at the authority. The goal of those who got into the authority is lucre and an opportunity to stay in the authority for a lifetime.

The World was split into parts: the “top”; the “middle”; the “bottom”.

Usually, on “top” are situated those who stole a lot and don’t mind keeping to steal further or at least saving the stolen.

In the “middle” are situated those who didn’t get through to the “top” and have to act as a service staff for those who are on “top”, i.e. steal in a small way, serve, hope.

Finally, the “bottom” – this is the place where the majority is to be found, submissive|unsubmissive, employed|unemployed, benefiting|doing harm. At the expense of that “bottom” the “top” lives and the “middle” functions.

Norms and rules are being created allegedly for everybody, i.e. first of all for the “bottom” and for those who encroached on the foundations of the “top”.

The concept of “law” was accepted.

So what does the term Law mean or should mean?

The Law is a temporary agreement between all parties to abide by certain rules.

In fact, the “law” is a mechanism that lets ones “be” and others “exist”.

Why “be” – Not everybody strives for the “top”, most people are satisfied with the fact that those who are on “top” share with those who don’t seek getting there and don’t interfere with those who are on “top”.

Representatives of those who “exist” are individuals, as well as, unfortunately, entire settlements and even nations.

Nothing is inevitable.
The “top” cannot exist without the “middle” and the “bottom”.

How and what do we do?

Turn everything back to the originating foundations.
You do something, you have something.
Someone needs what you do, you have a chance.
You share what you’ve done, you have the progress.

An example is a reflection of what is going on.

A lie is a way to achieve what is wished with minimum effort.

Achieving what is wished by lying makes a very unstable result.
An example of such deception is a “cryptocurrency”.

A “cryptocurrency” is what does not exist and can’t possibly exist.

How was this deception explained?

“…has been created an uncontrollable, closed, limited alternative to existing money…”

Money is an intermediary between Goods|Service and a Consumer of Goods|Service.

Now look, the uncontrollable, closed and limited began to fall into parts and multiply.

Division and multiplication of non-existent is in reality “nothing” out of “nothing”.

“Nothing” and “nothing” began to cost something and even significantly.
The representatives of the “top”|the “middle”|the “bottom” started to join this process, then “states” followed.
Though, “nothing” was nothing and remained the same.
And significant sums of money were sent there, into that “nothing”.
“states”, one by one, began to declare the creation of their own “nothing”, despite the fact that one of the goals of that “nothing” is to undermine the foundations of the very “state”.
And here the “state” started the self-destruction.

As we know, everything ends sooner or later.

Should anything be left in the remainder?

In the remainder, as usual, the “bottom” will be left, which will be exactly the one who takes upon itself all the result of this and other swindles, as well as it takes on the “tops”, the “middles”, the products of these “tops” and “middles” in a form of “laws”, “taxes”, and the “bottom” will live-survive until it wakes up from insanity and turns everything back to the originating foundations.

Why would one need a revolution or a war?

The “tops” and the “middles” need revolutions and wars, sometimes to cover up their sins, sometimes to change places.

The “bottom” will pay for revolutions and wars as well as for many other things, until it wakes up from insanity and turns everything back to the originating foundations.

A dream (any): natural; lethargic; artificial, ends sooner or later, ends either with a continuation of life or its end.

Everyone got his chance by birth to have an opportunity to create, to create for his own good, for the good of others, of friends and strangers.

Your chance lives as long as you live.